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Domain Name Registration was never easy as it is now!

Domain Name Registration was never easy as it is now!

Want to create your own website?

Creating a web presence is all what matters today. Not only it has become necessity for every business to go online but also has become pretty much easy. No rocket science involved just few steps to follow. At first, you need to search for domain name ideas.  Discover what works for you and your needs. Once you select the domain name of your choice, confirm its availability. For this, you can begin browsing at various domain name registrars available in the market. However, we suggest you start your domain name registration journey at GoDaddy – one of the most popular names out there. Let your creativity fly as domain name is the central focus of your website.

Once you find out that domain name is not taken, make the most of it by selecting domain name registration on several top-level domains (TLD) such as .com, .org, .biz, and .net. Check the availability of top-level domains (TLD) you want the domain name to register with.

Next is to make the choice on how long you want to reserve the domain name. The maximum time limit to hold the rights for a domain name is 10 years. Many business owners agree with this and suggest buying domain names in year-long increments.

So you’re done with the name, the top-level domains, and the amount of time you want to buy a domain name, now you need to pay the domain name registrar for domain name registration. It’s very simple -the moment you pay, the domain name is yours!

After domain name registration, all you need to do is web hosting.


Don’t worry. This is not a daunting task either. Web hosting is a place which specifies the computers where to go when your domain name is searched by people. Most domain name registrars also offer the web hosting services as an option at a time of domain registration process. Availing this option would be the easiest way for you. Since taking this option will make you worry-free about any additional setup.

Who are the Top Domain Registrars?

  • GoDaddy
  • Namecheap
  • Hover
  • Google Domains
  • Porkbun


While GoDaddy is the best option we suggest to you. Good thing is they offer constant sale prices to newbies for domain name registration. Namecheap is yet another big name in market that offers far better rates for the services. So, choose wisely as what you need. Here you can see more articles about Best Domains Click

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