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Domain Name Registration

How to Find, Buy, and Register Expired Domains

Read this article and learn more about domain name registration or how to use, find, buy, and register expired domain names with traffic!

Imagine being able to purchase a domain that has a great backlink profile and targeted traffic for the same price as a new domain. You can take advantage of expired domains to create a new authority website to step aside from the crowd and build a powerful and successful private blog network.
So, you need to ask yourself – Am I taking a full advantage of expired domains? Regardless of your plans, whatever you do, you simply can’t ignore the ultimate power domains offer and in this article, we will discuss domain name registration or how to use, find, buy, and register expired domains.

Domains expire on different dates, according to the original registrar they were registered with. And considering the fact that desirable domains can be grabbed in a few seconds once they become available, the best way to secure a domain name is to be prepared. You need to arm yourself with the knowledge of exactly when the domain you want will become available.
There are a few sources of expired domains, some free and some that require a subscription fee. One of the best and top recommended resources is From this website, you can research which domains have expired in the last 60 days, 30 days, 7 days or 24 hours.
You need to keep in mind that getting an interesting expired domain takes effort. There are more than 20.000 domain names that expire every day, and the hunt for great domains can usually feel like looking for a needle in a towering haystack, but if you really do make an effort, we promise it will be worth it.

Which expired domains to look for?

You are looking for expired domains for two reasons – to use the name yourself or to invest in a great domain for possible resale later. If you are looking for domains to use in building a website, you will probably have a list of criteria as to what makes a great domain, including the suitability to the product it is intended to represent on the market. Sometimes, a simple WHOIS search is enough to discover the current owner of the domain that has been put on hold and ready for deleting the name. But, there can be times when the ownership details are not available and this is the point where Wayback Machine can come in handy.

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How to buy and register expired domains?

It is possible to register an expiring domain name manually, but keep in mind that the competition surrounding the most popular and desirable names has become so fierce that manual methods are unlikely to be effective.
The biggest company in the expired name acquisition world is For a certain fee, this company will register expired domains. If two or more people try to snap and register the same domain, the domain name will be automatically placed for an auction. Besides, there are other services that can also help you register expired domains names.

To maximize your chances of getting and registering a domain name, it is a good idea to backorder the name at a few of the automated services. Most of these services charge only for successful domain name registrations, so you won’t be charged if there are unsuccessful attempts.

So now that you know how to use expired domain names to your advantage, how to find and register these domains, let the hunt begin!


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